Mulesoft Integration Services.

Providing API strategy, connecting your application ecosystem, offering  tailor –  made digital strategies, consulting to determine and achieve your  business goals, that’s just part of what we do. 

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MuleSoft Integration Solution

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  • POC's/Demo's on clients environment
  • Installation and configuration of ESB end-to-end system administration services
  • Comprehensive training services
  • End user and system appreciation document

Architecture and Advisory Services

  • ESB strategy and roadmap
  • Product evaluation and selection
  • ESB /Hybrid Integration Technical consulting
  • Architecture assessment and recommendation
  • End user and system appreciation document

Development Methodologies

  • Accelerator tools and best practices, reusable integration    patterns,
  • Pattern based development, 20+ reusable patterns
  • Services /Interfaces Estimation Model
  • Service governance and version management
  • Roles and Responsibilities - building COE set up
  • Naming conventions, application development and coding best practices

Managed Services and

  • Software/Infrastructure Automated Health Check
  • Automated patterns based build, deployment using Jenkins, Urbancode Deploy (UCD)
  • Installation, configuration, and automation using patterns – Pureapps and Chef
  • L1/L2/L3 Miracle 24 X7 Support Model
  • ThinkSource's Production Support Model – Incident, Change, Problem management

How We Can Help?

Using an industry leading iPaaS platform from Mulesoft, ThinkSource team of experts with their out-of-box solutions will help customers simplify their overall architecture by removing point-to-point integrations, Silo applications to obtain business agility, build connectors for API’s whether it be a SOAP or a RESTful web service with an amazing quality, innovation, and reliability at much reduced IT costs.


  • Establish integration framework with reusable assets to support SOA/API/SEDA methodology and standards
  • Bridge the gap between Mobile and Enterprise Data
  • Extend the reach of your messaging backbone to interface with packaged application suites such as SAP and with Web-based applications and web services via protocols like HTTP and SOAP/XML, API’s and connectors
  • Monitor your Business Activity and act intelligently with out of box management console
Customer Benefits!
  • We help you validate and analyze the current integration practice, define and establish iPaaS/Integration reference architecture
  • We can provide proper roadmap to Mule planning to Implementation
  • We provide the best migration patterns that help you move to latest version of the product or from other EAI vendors
  • We can execute POC/POT for demonstration and can help customer in getting firsthand experience
  • We can execute POC/POT for demonstration and can help customer in getting firsthand experience
  • We furnish you with on-site business expertise, solution leadership and management for effective and efficient delivery
  • We guide you with the best ways to design and develop message flow based services on SOA/SOMA/Microservices principles and standards
  • We hand over you the best global delivery and support model that helps reduce your time to market with reduced cost in a very rapid and reliable manner
  • We deliver you interactive product workshops including customized training to business users and technical teams
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